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LevelOne provides a taste of products to come at Computex Taipei

June 10, 2006 – Taipei, Taiwan Digital Data Communications Asia (DDC Asia) has during the 2006 Computex Taipei Trade Fair launched and introduced several new exciting products to distributors and clients. Product managers have also discussed important technological developments that have been incorporated into LevelOne products at an informative workshop held during the well-known trade fair.

Ms. Amanda Chen, general manager for DDC Asia said that Computex is one of the most important events LevelOne annually attends. It is the one event in Taiwan where all of our customers and clients come together for strategy discussions as well as to introduce new products, said Ms. Chen.

Computex is currently the world’s second largest international electronics fair where more than 120,000 visitors browse through around 1,300 exhibitors from around the world. This year sees the trade fair being enlarged to give a larger exhibiting audience from North America, Europe and rest of Asia access to the large number of visitors.

Digital Surveillance Digital surveillance was one of the most talked about topics at the LevelOne 2006 workshop. Our research shows that by 2009 the digital surveillance solutions will completely replace current analogue CCTV surveillance solutions paving the way for digital surveillance solutions to be on the forefront for LevelOne products and complete solutions.

The advantages of using digital imagery in the security industry make it the preferred solution among the new generation of security experts. Another benefit of using a digital surveillance system is that current network capabilities allow for the use of flexible wireless IP cameras within a security network. A new 4-bay IP Camera recording storage device has also been introduced that compliments the surveillance solutions from LevelOne.

Wireless Technology We have seen great developments in several important IT sectors where LevelOne products will provide users with the necessary solutions for current market requirements. One of these areas is wireless technology.

MIMO Wireless Technology With the arrival of newcomer MIMO technology, wider coverage areas with fewer dead spots and a more stable wireless network allows for optimum streaming video and gaming solutions. The multi input and output capability of the MIMO chipset makes a stronger wireless connection possible that can carry more data at higher speeds over a longer distance through a technique called multiplexing. MIMO also makes sure that obstacles between router and adapter are no longer a problem since multiplexing allows for multiple signals that can either penetrate or flow around obstacles with ease without significant loss in speed and bandwidth.

LevelOne has already made available several MIMO chipset products but has launched an AP, broadband router and adapters at Computex.

MIMO and the highly awaited 802.11n standard currently under debate among IEEE engineers, will give home and office users the opportunity to experience true digital home and office environments. Onece WiMAX becomes commercially available, complete wireless networking solutions will become the definite choice among users.

IEEE 802.11n (Draft n Products) LevelOne has officially launched our draft n products that are compliant with the IEEE’s 802.11n draft standards. Our access points and adapter cards will be commercially available within the next 3 months. The draft-n wireless products provide higher throughput speeds with higher bandwidth, and are compatible with all 802.11b/g products currently available.

VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol Several new models have been introduced at audiences at Computes that will be available during the second half of 2006. Among these products is a VoIP PBX system that will provide users with a cost savings alternative when making local and international calls from VoIP SIP Phones or handheld devices such as PDA’s by using the Internet.

This VoIP SIP PBX will make it possible to register several VoIP phones from around the world on one device to make local calls from remote locations over the Internet.

KVM Switching LevelOne distributors, clients and branch offices were introduced to new KVM switching technology. A presentation of the abilities of a new KVM switch that allows for Cat.5 connectivity to a server room as well as monitoring the switch from over the Internet from a remote location was very informative and well presented.

LevelOne KVM switches will become the preferred solution to manage large and noisy server rooms with the ability to connect up to 128 systems to a switch either via a Cat.5 cable or the traditional PS/2 or USB connection ports. This makes it possible to manage a large server room with ease. Another advantage of these switches lay in their capability to be monitored by 4 network administrators simultaneously from either a remote location through the IP module or locally through the Cat.5 module or the 2 USB and PS/2 console ports.

Digital Home and Office The workshop was concluded with a short presentation about new storage devices, wireless audio devices and wireless and wired home plugs as well as new Bluetooth devices that compliment digital home and office environments. Among the most exciting LevelOne mobile products launched at the workshop was a Smart Mobile Storage Enclosure that can synchronize and back-up in a one-button operation, a 1Gb Smart USB Pen drive and a Media Gateway that can manage and control all digital video, photo, music and recording devices from one central point.

About LevelOne LevelOne is the brand from German networking company Digital Data Communications. Ever since the brand was introduced in 1996 it has become synonymous with quality and reliability networking solutions among the networking industries from around the world. Currently DDC has 14 branch offices on 5 continents with several more branch offices opening in the coming 6 months.

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