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LevelOne on High-Speed Display in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, July 3, 2006 – Everbest, distributor of LevelOne in Hong Kong, has launched an extensive marketing campaign on the Hong Kong subway during June.

Advertising posters have been strategically placed at several MTR, the Hong Kong subway system, locations throughout Hong Kong to attract attention from the thousands of people using the public transportation system.

“The sales momentum is building up for summer”, says Quinson Wong, marketing manager for Everbest Hong Kong. Everbest has already established LevelOne as the preferred brand within the Hong Kong networking market.

With successful market penetration on SoHo (Office) and Professional (Enterprise) level, consumer goods are now set to take a strong foothold with the Hong Kong consumer market.

Although it has only been two weeks since the marketing campaign has been launched, already an increase in consumer goods sales indicates a successful campaign.

More information about Everbest

Founded in 1991, Everbest Technologies Ltd. is committed to provide quality products and services to our customer. We have a solid structure with professional experience. We work closely with our suppliers to serve our resellers/retailers/business partners in the distribution of networking and communications, printing, Multimedia and miscellaneous computer products.

Everbest Technologies Ltd.

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11 Wing Kut Street, Central,

Hong Kong


Phone: +852 2541 2982

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E-mail: sales@everbesthk.com

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