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WGR-6012 wins Award

WGR-6012 wins Award of the most Profitable Prize

The LevelOne WGR-6012 obtains Award of the most Profitable Prize from PC Station Magazine, Hong Kong, volume no.527, dated Dec11, 2010

WGR-6012 supports GigaLAN, with a built-in 4 port full duplex 10/100/1000 Switch to connect user's wired-Ethernet devices in order to maximize high-speed internet access. WGR-6012 supports wireless speed up to 300Mbps by using LevelOne's N_Max wireless technology, while maintaining compatibility with legacy 801.11g and 11b devices.

Additionally, when there are no wireless devices connected to the WGR-6012, it will automatically only keep one antenna active in low power. Thus wireless signals of the router will be switched off while users are sleeping or away, which could save power and deduct the risk of possibly stolen internet connection.

"Recently, the usage of 1000Mbps internet has been increasingly raised up, the router is also economical with minimum cost of 200, and LevelOne is not too expensive but an ideal choice....." ( PC Station, p.57 Dec, 2010)
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