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2011 LevelOne Seminar in KL Malaysia by Ivenue

Attendee number: 55 from 41 companies
Attendee company type: System Integrator, Media

DDC is the brand owner of LevelOne and an international compnay with 18 worldwide offices spread. 
LevelOne is an international brand by being marketed in over 65 countries of the world and actinf as one stop solution provider.

1. From product solution point of view, the Solutions LevelOne provides
Broadband Access Solution
Broadband/ Print/ File Sharing Solutions
Network Connectivity Solutions
- Wired network connectivity
- Fiber network connectivity
- Wireless network connectivity
- PoE network connectivity
- Powerline network connectivity
IP Surveillance Solution
KVM Switching Solution
Audio/ Video Extension Solution
Access Management (AAA) Solution
VoIP Solution
Wireless signal Extension Solution

2. Solutions which were most emphasized in this entire seminar
IP Surveillance,
Access Management (AAA),
PoE network connectivity,
Fiber network connectivity,
KVM Switching,
Audio/ Video Extension and green solution.

3. Live demo sites were displayed during the seminar
Audio/ Video Extension, IP Surveillance via PoE network connectivity and KVM Switching solutions.

4. Following, the procress of announcing LevelOne Malaysia Partner Program for business partners and
LevelOne Malaysian Website http://my.level1.com

5.Customer feedback
IP Surveillance, KVM Switching, PoE network connectivity and Access Management (AAA) and green (green router) solutions interested attendee the most. Eventually the seminar eneded up successfully as a result in 28 companies signed up and joined LevelOne MY Partner Program

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