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Received Award from Russia as "Wi-Fi Equipment of The Year"

WNC-0300 and WPC-0300 cards were awarded as “Wi-Fi Equipment of the Year”. Hardware Portal describes them as affordable devices providing clear transmission and reception at high speed. Convenient configuration interface was also noted.

All Hardware 2005 awards were based upon the results of the tests held throughout the year. Other categories included “Barebone Platform 2005”, “Cooler 2005”, “Media Player 2005”, “Videointerface 2005”, “TV-Tuner 2005”, “LAN Multifunctional 2005”, “GPS Navigator 2005” and “Display 2005”.

There is also the initial review of WNC-0300 and WPC-0300: http://www.hardwareportal.ru/Network/Wlan.108mbps/index.html

Mostly it’s a technical review and a test, and the conclusion is that Super G gives a nice speed advantage, and that’s going to be appreciated by the users who need it.

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