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Important Announcement: New Package design from LevelOne

According to the marketing manager of Digital Data Communication Asia, Peter Chen, the new packaging allows for distinction between different market segments and product attributes.

The new packaging will differentiate between retail, office and professional market segments. Although the color scheme of each market segment will be updated, the LevelOne logo will not be changed.

All new products that are released after June 2006 will be packaged in the new color scheme packaging. The first product that LevelOne is releasing with the new packaging is a mobile storage device that synchronize, backup and restore data with a one button function. The MUS-2500 Smart Mobile Storage will be available in July.

The new color schemes are attractive and will clearly set LevelOne products apart from competitors with its more informative design. Also, new logos have been designed to indicate product features at a glance, making product identification easier.

New packaging colors

Retail Market – Orange

SoHo (Office) – Turquoise

Professional (Enterprise) – Blue

Why the change?

During the past 4 years the LevelOne packaging was designed with LevelOne branding in mind. This marketing strategy was adequate for the market segments where LevelOne was introduced to create brand awareness, namely the Office and Professional (Enterprise) markets.

The successful market penetration and the unprecedented growth that LevelOne has enjoyed during the past 3 years has led to the development of new solutions tailored for the consumer market, enabling the LevelOne brand to become more competitive on the global market.

“Now that LevelOne has accomplished sufficient market penetration in these market segments, the time is ripe for product diversity, thus calling for new packaging design”, said LevelOne marketing manager Peter Chen.

According to independent market research from leading international research organizations, LevelOne currently ranks among the top 5 networking brand names world-wide.

Be on the outlook for the new LevelOne packaging from your local distributor!

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