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LevelOne Layer 3 Switching for fast, efficient and cost-effective networking

Building a large scale enterprise network for an office environment where applications and network users demand high-speed access to data requires a multitude of switching technology known as Layer 2-3 switching.

Layer 3 and Layer 2 switches work together within an enterprise network to deliver high speed data to users is a very unique way. Layer 3 switches routs data while Layer 2 switches deliver dedicated data to any station within the network at wire speeds.

This team-work of Layer 2-3 switching is the basic performance requirement of today's Voice over IP and multimedia applications and the bandwidth requirements of today's Internet/intranet-based networks, where most traffic leaves the LAN and must traverse a router bottleneck. This switching results in significant increase in network performance where data traffic is switched at Gigabits per second to avoid bottlenecks and keep network traffic at maximum speed.

As the demand for higher-speed and better networking services increase, so does the need for networking solutions and networking equipment that can manage this increase in data traffic. Networks that are already established and those who are in planning stages can easily address this quest for higher volume data and networking speed by deploying LevelOne Layer 3 and Layer 2 switches.

The LevelOne ProCon GSW-2495 Layer 3 Stackable switch provides feature-rich and high-performance solutions for enterprise networking applications. This switch can be integrated within different network scales by offering a variety of networking interfaces. The GSW-2495 has 24 copper Gigabit ports and 4 combo SFP ports to provide outstanding flexibility for interoperating with your copper and fiber optic network.

LevelOne ProCon Switches are among the best switching solutions for any medium to large scale IP network deployment that guarantees a cost-effective, high-speed and advanced switching technology.

This switch provides for advanced routing protocols including Routing Information Protocol (RIP and RIP2), Open Shortest Path First (OSPF), Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and Port Mirroring, Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) and advanced Class of Service (CoS) that allows traffic to be prioritized for time-sensitive applications. It also includes advanced traffic management options such as 802.1x, bandwidth control and support for IGMP v1/v2 Snooping.

The GSW-2495 also supports an array of networking management features including: Console, CLI, Telnet, Web, SNMP v1/v2c/v3, RMON, TFTP, and DHCP.

This Layer 3 networking switch also supports spanning tree protocol for standard bridging in order to increase network reliability. It further provides six trunk groups of eight member ports that easily deal and eliminate network bottlenecks formed because of increased bandwidth network traffic.

For advanced fault tolerance the GSW-2495 allows for a closed loop stacking architecture that allows for up to 8 units to be stacked within the same network, providing for a single manageable environment and increased expansion scalability for future enlargement as the network expands.

Deployment of large networks can now easily be realized with the LevelOne GSW-2495 since it is capable of connecting networks over large distances with each other. Industries that will surely benefit from the advantages for the switch includes Universities, Colleges, Schools and other academic institutions that have networks deployed over a large area.

Companies that make use of applications that requires high bandwidth within a medium to large network, governmental departments that are connected with each other or where they share the same network, manufacturing industries that require access to the same network for centralized data as well as medium to large call centers and the banking industry are all areas where Layer 2-3 switching is urgently needed.

The combination of copper and fiber optic connections, the high security it provides within the VLANs, as well as the high-speed throughput of this switch makes this the premier solution to be deployed among these organizations. Not only is the LevelOne GSW-2495 as cost-effective network investment, it also will ensure future scalability and protection of current and future networking investment.

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