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LevelOne Introduces the GNS-4000 Storage Server

The LevelOne GNS-4000 is a 4-bay Intelligent Storage Server perfect for home and office use that requires a simple, flexible and advanced storage solution for easy sharing of files, pictures, music and videos.

It features advanced RAID technology, One-Touch smart backup, email notification and a Web-based storage manager interface for easy setup and management.

The two USB ports are allows for connecting additional USB devices such as USB drives and printers for network sharing. The high-speed Gigabit LAN port allows for gigabit network speeds when transferring data, music, video and other files over the LAN.

Versatile Backup Functions
The GNS-4000 provides 4 bays for SATA hard disk drives with hot swap functionality for a total storage capacity (depending on the storage size of each disk used).

The use of SATA drives improves fault isolation and provides scalable performance.

The GNS-4000 Storage Server features advanced multiple disk-array RAID technology for reliable data storage. It supports RAID 0, 1, 5, 5 with spare disk and RAID 10 configurations.

The One-Touch smart utility backup feature is a powerful utility for quick storage of specified files and folders from computers and devices connected to the GNS-4000.

Advanced Storage Management Utility
The GNS-4000 also provides users with an advanced Storage Manager utility to manage the storage server from a connected computer or remotely over the Internet.
This is a useful feature for users who would like to access the GNS-4000 over the Internet to store, retrieve, save or manage files located on the storage server.

Gigabit LAN Interface
The GNS-4000 allows for Gigabit network connectivity, enabling users to transfer files via the LAN at 1000Mbps.

The high-speed LAN interface allows for high network performance where users make use of technology-sensitive business applications such as instant file sharing and multimedia applications.

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