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LevelOne releases High-Speed Wireless Draft N Broadband router

The LevelOne N_One Wireless Broadband Router provides users with more than just high-speed wireless connections. Apart from delivering speeds of up to 300Mbps*, the WBR-6000 broadband router provides an extended wireless network coverage area.

The WBR-6000 N_One Wireless Broadband Router is compliant with the latest draft 802.11n standard and is backward compliant with 802.11b and 802.11g network devices.

Stream Multimedia Applications to Multiple Users
The WBR-6000 Wireless Broadband Router allows for true high-speed wireless connectivity between network router and network adapter. This enables multiple users to access the wireless network simultaneously while enjoying fast connection speeds that are able to stream multimedia packets effortlessly.

The N_One Broadband Router is designed with home and small office users in mind that want enjoy audio/video streaming and gaming applications, Internet calling (VoIP) and high-speed file sharing among the network. Also, users can now with confidence deploy a home or office IP-based wireless surveillance solution without fear of unavailable bandwidth.

Network Security
The WBR-6000 N_One Wireless Broadband Router provides advanced wireless network protection with 64/128-bit WEP encryption, WPA and WPA2. Also, the WBR-6000 provides a double firewall with NAT and SPI firewall protection against DoS attacks and unauthorized packet deliveries from the Internet.

Set-up and configuration of the security features are managed with the easy to use and explanatory Web-based user-interface.

Connect at Wire-speed
The LevelOne N_One Wireless Broadband Router provides home and small office wireless networks with speeds faster than the traditional 100Mbps LAN networks. This enables several users to share files, run streaming applications and surf the web simultaneously within the same network at speeds not possible on a traditional LAN.

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