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A Simple Way to Extend your AV Messages at DVI Quality

Most of us have seen the arrival and departure screens in airports and train stations, and more and more plasma screens in shopping malls and supermarkets displaying news reports, sport broadcasts, product information, and advertisements while we are walking.

Now there is a simple way for businesses to capture their customers' attention - with LevelOne AVE-920x and ADE-820x series audio/video extenders.

The traditional way of using one video player or PC for each screen is expensive and requires high overhead to monitor and update each unit. LevelOne's existing AVE-920x Audio/Video Extender series provide a cost effective solution by distributing VGA signals over standard low cost Cat.5/5e/6 wiring from a central PC to multiple screens within 150m.

More recently, the DVI (Digital Visual Interface) has replaced VGA on most high-end PC video cards and LCD or plasma monitors; therefore LevelOne has introduced the LevelOne DVI Broadcaster ADE-8200 series to allow broadcasting of high resolution DVI quality audio/video to multiple display screens.

Without loosing resolution, the ADE-8201 series transmits DVI video signals (at standard 1024x768 resolution) over standard Cat5/5e/6 cable. When coupled with a short range receiver (ADE-8001) a remote viewing station may be up to 15 metres away; or when coupled with the long range receiver (ADE-8002) the DVI signal is able to be viewed 70 metres away.

Multi-port broadcasters (ADE-8202, ADE-8204, ADE-8208) allow 2, 4 or 8 remote monitors to receive the DVI signal over standard Cat5/5e/6 cables, plus stereo audio over standard phone cables. The Multi-port units transmit standard 1024x768 resolution DVI images up to 70m, or 1920x1200 resolution images up to 35m. Furthermore, the broadcaster series can be stacked to achieve up to 81 monitors from one DVI signal.

LevelOne DVI Broadcaster range uses low cost telephone and cat5/5e/6 cabling without loss of resolution, is easy to use (there is no software to install), and provides a very cost-effective method to distribute audio/video messages to customers or the public in high resolution.

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