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Introducing VDSL2 Media Converters: Only from LevelOne

Taipei, Taiwan - Apr. 18, 2008 -- LevelOne today announced a new product line, the VDS series. These media converters allow users to create networks that transmit data over traditional phone wires and coaxial cables using high-speed VDSL2 technology.

"As one of the newest networking technologies, VDSL2 is unique because it offers fast data transfer rates that can extended over long distances," said LevelOne Vice President Tim Su.

VDSL stands for Very High Speed Digital Subscriber Line, usually used by Internet Service Providers to send data directly to the end-users home.

(Annex A - PSTN networks)
Front view of VDS-0200
Back view of VDS-0200

LevelOne has harnessed the high-speed capabilities of VDSL and incorporated it into a media converter that turns Ethernet signals into VDSL2 signals that are easily sent over the copper wires in traditional phone systems.

"We're extremely proud of this development," states Su. "Not only can installers achieve cable runs of 300 meters without additional switches or signal amplifiers, but the telephone wire infrastructure is already installed in practically all buildings."

(Annex B - ISDN networks)
front view
Back view of VDS-0201

Su anticipates the VDS series to be useful in building networks in apartments, offices, and hotels that are not fully equipped with Ethernet wiring. He also mentions elevators and building to building deployments as other practical applications.

LevelOne has launched VDS-0200 for PSTN networks and VDS-0201 for ISDN networks (Germany). Both offer high data transfer rates using traditional phone jack connections and wires (RJ-11).

(BNC - cable connections)
front view: vds-0202
back view: vds-0202

In addition, LevelOne has also launched VDS-0202 for coaxial cable networks. Like the other members of the VDS series, this product also converts Ethernet to VDSL2, but is able to send the signals over coaxial cables. This allows installers to implement the flexible and fast technology of VDSL2 into networks where coaxial cables are widely used.

To learn more about VDSL2 technology, read this helpful article.

Note: this technology is standardized by the International Telecommunications Union.

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