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Day/Night Speed Dome IP Camera with 36x Optical Zoom

LevelOne®, Europe’s leading Networking Solutions brand, has launched a professional Day/Night Pan/Tilt/Zoom IP Surveillance camera with 36x optical zoom for the professional surveillance market.

High Performance Speed Dome Camera
The FCS-4500 is the latest professional IP Camera from LevelOne. This Day/Night Speed Dome IP Camera was designed for the professional surveillance industry.

The FCS-4500 Speed Dome IP Camera features an auto focus DSP camera with 36x optical zoom, an ExView HAD CCD sensor capturing high-resolution imagery, a digital decoder and motorized 90° tilt and 360° continuous rotation pan.

Day/Night Viewing
The FCS-4500 Speed Dome IP Camera features an automated built-in IR cut-off filter that allows users to capture monochrome imagery at night or when low light conditions exist.

With the IR filter in place, true color imagery is captured during day time and when light conditions turns poor, the IR filter is automatically removed for clear monochrome imagery.

Intelligent Speed Dome Camera
The FCS-4500 provides users with a 32 pre-set positioning memory. Users can pre-set and recall programmed positioning through software commands.

Pre-set positions can also be classified into group sequencing, making it easier to manage different preset conditions and patrol points. 4 navigation groups with 8 pre-set positions are available with adjustable time lapses between set positions.

The FCS-45400 is a very stable, smooth pan and tilt and accurate positioning surveillance camera. The problem with loosing a target when panning or zooming is eliminated by the camera’s Focus/PRM auto matching technology.

The FCS-4500 utilizes a precise step-motor that automatically adjusts to the pan/tilt/zoom speeds so targets stay in the central monitoring area on screen.

Free Bundled Software
The FCS-4500 includes a free bundled 32-channel surveillance software package for monitoring of IP Cameras on the network. It allows for taking automatic snapshots, recording of streaming video, provides motion detection and features a pre/post event buffer.

Professional surveillance software packages are available from LevelOne that further allows for complete remote monitoring, viewing of streaming video over 3G mobile networks, provide management features for different IP Camera brands, full recording and playback support and several other advanced functions crucial for professional surveillance installations.

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