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New High-Power Power over Ethernet Kit

System integrators looking to deploy devices that have a higher power consumption face obstacles when building a Power over Ethernet network.

LevelOne introduces PIS-3100, a high-power PoE kit, to meet the strict demands placed on end-users wishing to add PoE functionality to their network.

Why is Power over Ethernet important?

Power over Ethernet allows both power and data to be sent over the same Ethernet cable. This gives more freedom for device placement because long extension cords or a device located location next to a power outlet isn't required.

What if I want to use a device that requires more than 15.4 Watts?

Well, up until now you were pretty much out of luck. The regular PoE standard is good for most devices, but it's theoretical limitation is set at 15.4 Watts.

Certain devices, like new 802.11n access points and advanced security cameras, are great candidates for PoE power. But because they require more than 15.4W, traditional PoE kits are not compatible.

That is until now.

LevelOne's PIS-3100 turns network devices that require more power into flexible PoE devices. PIS-3100 can accommodate devices whose total power consumption is up to 24W, a whopping 9W more than the traditional PoE standard.

This is perfect solution for devices that require additional power like large pan/tilt/zoom security cameras or wireless access points with multiple transmitters and receivers.

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