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New improvement for WBR-6801

LevelOne launches its new improvement of WBR-6801 3G Travel Router that converts 2G, 3G even 4G cellular signals into Wi-Fi compatible devices such as smart phones. Not only does it enable to create a secure Wi-Fi hotspot using 3G connection from a connected mobile phone, also support USB and ExpressCard 3G/4G modems. 

The LevelOne WBR-6801 works with iPhone 3G/3GS and iPhone 4, particular models of Blackberry, HTC and Nokia. WBR-6801 router then serves as a Wi-Fi hotspot that multiple Wi-Fi capable devices like the iPod Touch, iPad, laptop, and more can use to connect to the internet. In addition, even Ethernet devices can also be connected via the router's LAN port.

Compitable platform:
- Windows Mobile v6.0/ v6.5
- Android v1.6/ v2.0
- Symbian

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